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January 6, 2008 6:17 pm - By: Jamie

Busy, busy, busy...when someone asks Chris how we have been this is how he responds. Oh and how true it is. Since the last time I updated our website a lot has happened. One of the biggest accomplishments has been buying our very own house. Back in October, during the Southern California wildfires, Lakeside was closed for the day. Christopher and I took advantage of the day off and started to do some investigating about home loans. We were surprised to find out that we were qualified for more than we had originally intended. The day after talking with a loan consultant, Ray, a family friend and real-estate agent showed us a few houses. I fell in love with one of the first houses that he showed us, a cozy three bedroom one story house with beautiful landscaping in a great neighborhood. We were both excited but still had a couple of other houses to look at. The next house we looked at was right around the corner from the one I fell in love with. The listing for this house seemed almost surreal. A 2,250 square foot house for 300,000. We expected something to be wrong with the house. We were surprised when we discovered that the house was in great condition but just needed a little bit of work: carpet cleaning, paint, some scrubbing.

At first Chris and I knew we could not afford to buy a house because all the money we had saved needed to go toward the wedding. Because of recent changes we did not think it was possible to get a 100% financed house. We made a phone call into our loan consultant. She did some investigating and discovered a program that would allow us to get a 100% financed house loan.

Fast forward two point five months and you find us completely moved into our new spacious four bedroom, three bath, two-story, two car garage, great neighborhood house. We are slowly getting used to the life of being house owners. Receiving our own mail, receiving of first months bills, decorating, entertaining...

To celebrate our new purchase Chris and I are going to throw a House Warming/Jamie is turning 24 party.

In addition to the craziness of the house we have been focusing on the wedding. We are under the six month mark. It seems like we have been engaged forever. In reality we will have been engaged two years in March. We have had all the major things taken care of for a while now: photographer, videographer, location, flowers, DJ, officiant... The little things like, alterations, what music to play, where are the guest staying, where are the girls getting ready, how am I going to do my hair...are all a bit overwhelming. We are slowing chipping away at out two page list of things to do for the wedding.

Over this break from teaching we have had the opportunity to look into hotels and to register for the wedding. We decided to register at Bed Bath and Beyond, Sears, (Chris went a little crazy registering for tools and I went crazy registering for gardening decor) and Target.

Tomorrow I go back to school. It has been a nice break. I wish I ended up getting more done this break but either way I am ready to be going back to teaching. At the beginning of the year things started off a little slow. I find that I actually do not care for the beginning of the school year because I do not know my students yet. Once I get to know my students better and they get to know me I really start to have fun.

Football games and extra curricular activities have been huge for me and Chris this year. Last year we were not able to get as involved for many reasons. One it was harder because the school that I worked at was over 45 minutes from home, two I was finishing up with my Masters and Chris was finishing up with his Bachelors, three I was at a Charter school and they did not have the same types of activities that I normal school typically has, such as football. Being back in the community that I grew up in has been a wonderful experience.

Okay well that is all for my rambling for now. Hopefully Chris will have time to put up a Wedding section on this web site soon so we can keep everyone updated on the up and coming wedding on June 14th!


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The house is awesome!

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