And the fun is about to begin

August 11, 2007 7:50 pm - By: Jamie

Christopher and I just got back from a staff get together. We both met a lot of fun people. I am getting really excited about my new teaching position. Everyone I talk to says great things about the science department. I will be teaching four Biology classes and one environmental science class. As one of my fellow environmental science teachers would put it the title of environmental science is a lie; the course is really Earth Science. I do not have much background in Earth Science. Basically I know what my dad has taught me and what I picked up in elementary school. So teaching Environmental Science is going to be educational experience for both the students and me.

This year is truly going to provide a lot of learning opportunities. I am going to be surrounded by fellow teachers who have taught for a few years and have some lessons/experience under their belts. I am looking forward to sharing ideas with these teachers.

I helped out with orientation on Friday. I got to see a lot of the freshman students. I only met one of my students, but the student population as a whole looks promising. As I watch the student come in one by one it makes me miss my kids at Guajome. It will be interesting if Lakeside kids are anything like Guajome kids.

In other news Christopher and I found our wedding official. His name is Rich Cowley and we are very excited about working with him to put our ceremony together.

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