July 15, 2007 9:48 pm - By: Jamie

It has been quite a while since we have posted. We had our reasons for not posting but we are going to start posting again. On that note, a lot has happened this past year:

I have officially completed my first year of teaching. Teaching has proved to be both challenging and enjoyable. I really have enjoyed the relationships that I have made this past year. I worked with an amazing bunch of teachers and although I wanted to ring some of my students necks at times I enjoyed all the teachable moments and laughs. Sometimes I think I learned more from my students this year than they learned from me. This past year I have learned how valuable Starbuck really can be on those mornings I struggled to get out of bed. I could feel the difference Starbucks would make and I think my students could tell too. The next school year is soon approaching. I am definitely excited to be starting fresh. I learned a lot this year and I am interested in applying all I have learned and learning even more.

After a sprint to the finish line Christopher graduated from college. Chrisí graduation was a lot of fun. The night after Chrisí Friday graduation we had both friends and family join us at his apartment for a night of shared memories. It was great seeing all of the friends that Chris had made throughout college together one last time before he ventured back home to Southern California. See the graduation pictures below.

In addition to Christopherís graduation this year we also had Timís graduation from the Air Force Academy. We did not get to spend a lot of time in Colorado but I really enjoyed being in a plane and the time I got to spend with Brittney and Jessica. The graduation itself was absolutely amazing. The best graduation I have ever been to. After a very graceful ceremony the Thunderbirds entertained us with an excellent show.

Just when we thought we had enough of graduations we had one more. Christopher and I went up to Novato with Dad, Karie, and Alex to enjoy the celebration little Blakeís graduation from high school. The weekend was a blast. In addition to time spent with family we had the opportunity to see where Dad and his brothers and sisters grew up. Also we visited Pier 39 in San Francisco and took pictures of San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Christopher has started a new job. The Monday after Chris graduated from college he had already had a job lined up. Christopher is currently enjoying his new job and finding his place in his new management position.

Update on the wedding. We are now officially less than a year away from the wedding. The planning is going great. We have the location, DJ, photographer, videographer, my wedding dress, our rings, tuxedos, chair covers, bridesmaid dresses all picked out. Before August when I start teaching again my plan is get the majority of the details done for the wedding.

In addition to planning for the wedding we have also been looking at houses to buy. Last Thursday Chris and I looked at places to buy with our parents. We are not quite at the point of buying yet, but we hope to find a place in the next six months or so. The house buying process is a big learning experience, but I feel like we are in safe hands because a family friend is helping us through the process.

On Friday my official title will be Jamie McCain, M.Ed. On Friday I will be presenting my masters paper and presenting a video on my first year of teaching. After the presentation there will be a small ceremony to celebrate the completion of the program. I will be excited to finally be done with classes at UCSD. I will miss the times I get to go down to UCSD; however, I will not miss the drive ever Tuesday and Thursday.

This weekend Christopher and I got the chance to go to Arizona for the weekend. A weekend in Arizona is always relaxing. We especially enjoyed spending time with Dad, Karie, Grandma and Grandpa Bash and Betty. Currently Christopher is on the computer trying to figure out how to fix the skies that are at Grandma and Grandpaís house so that we can take them out sometime.

I think that is enough of an update for now. I will try to get Chris to post the pictures on the web soon. More updates to come in the near future.

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