Stanislaus and Yosemite

September 12, 2006 6:52 pm - By: Jamie

The weekend before last I drove up to Fresno to spend the weekend with Chris. On Sunday we drove up to Turlock to see Nicholas and his campus. After seeing Nicholas' campus, which is absolutely gorgeous, Chris, Nicholas and I heading up to Yosemite and drove around.
Nicholas' has a really nice place. It has a living area, four bedrooms a small kitchen and a bathroom. Did I mention that the kitchen even has a dish washer!! (Talk about spoiled).

The campus is extremely scenic with a lot of greenery, ponds, waterfalls, rivers, bridges. It is a photographers dream comes true; so much many beautiful stops to take pictures. While Nicholas gave us a tour I could not resist taking pictures. For the most part the boys went ahead and hung out while I enjoyed taking picture of the beauty and the occasional shot of Nicholas and Chris. I do not know how the school is academically or how the residential life is but I will definitely be recommending Stanislaus to my students as a beautiful school.

On other notes:
School is continuing to go well. I have my days that I am exhausted, usually Wednesdays and Fridays when I have three 90 minute classes, but I am chugging through and learning a lot along the way. Some of my goals for this month are to get my curriculum planned out until Thanksgiving and to get more organized. Tomorrow is open house; it will be interesting meeting parents. Also grades need to be in soon, grades are so hard to give, I wish I did not have to give Fs, I wish some of the students cared more, if they just did their work they would be in a lot better of shape.

Off to lesson planů

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