Catching up

June 27, 2006 11:48 pm - By: Jamie

A lot has happened since our last post. Chris came down and stayed with me in La Jolla while I finished up the school year at UCSD; Q-300 Reunion; Felicia and Nicholas graduated from high school; I graduated from UCSD; Marc and Danielle's Wedding; Rilee was born; and I started grad school.

I am really glad Chris was able to come down to UCSD and spend a few weeks with me. He was really a big help to me while I finished up with things at UCSD. He helped me pack, organize my end of the year building event, helped me with the end of the year RA video, brought me food when I was studying for finals. It was just a good feeling all together to know that Chris was there when I needed him. Also Chris was a big help with the RA reunion that we had towards the end of the year. It was great watching Chris interact with Isa, my boss' daughter. I will post some pictures of him being "arrested" by Isa and one of her friends.

The last week of school flew by. Sunday we had a Q-300 reunion. Daniel, Omeed, Anthony, George, Jessica, Jocie, Erin, Brittany and I seriously were at MiMi's Café for hours talking about our freshman year of college. I missed all the laughs that take place when we all get together. On Monday morning I finished writing three essays and turned them in. After that I only had one more final on Thursday for my AIDS class. After turning essays in on Monday Chris and I headed to Lake Elsinore. We stayed until Wednesday after Nicholas' and Felicia's graduation. Early Thursday morning we got up and headed back to La Jolla to take my last final as an undergrad!!! Right after the final we were in the car again heading back home for Nicholas' graduation party. Friday it was back to La Jolla again to be on duty for one last time. Saturday morning we were up bright and early for my graduation. We got a call at about 6am from Kristin saying she would not be able to make it because she was in labor! I really enjoyed getting together with everyone at graduation and see a lot of old friends and lots of family. Afterwards we went to breakfast and I rushed home to be with Kristin just in time for them to send her home.

That brings me to my week of vacation. Chris and I spent a lot of time with Tim and Kristin. Kristin was having inconsistent contractions and we all though Rilee was going to come sooner than she did. Kristin was supposed to be induced on Thursday, but because the hospital was too full they rescheduled her for Saturday after hours of sitting in the hospital. Rilee ended up being born at 12:59 Sunday morning. She was 19lb 10oz and 19 and a quarter inches long. I made it just in time to be in the delivery room when Kristin started to delivery Rilee. In my opinion Rilee is the prettiest baby I have ever seen. Within hours of her being born she already had her eye open and was looking around up and her mommy and daddy.

On Saturday while Kristin was in labor Chris and I were at Marc and Danielle's wedding. Nicholas and I were the official photographers for the event. I really had a great time taking some pictures. Over 700 digital pictures alone were taken. I will post a few of them up so you can see how pretty Danielle and the rest of the wedding party was.

Yesterday I started my first day of graduate classes. The classes are not too bad. They seem to have a lot of writing and reading that go along with them but as long as I stay on top of things and get in the habits that I had in high school I should be good. I still have not completely moved back into my room; however, we got the wood floors laid and the walls painted. This weekend my plan is to get everything in order.

That is all for now, I will have Chris post a bunch of pictures that I have taken in the last month.

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