School's Out

May 20, 2006 9:45 pm - By: Chris

The semester is finally over. All the exams have been taken and all the reports and papers turned in. I am ready for the summer to begin. These next few weeks are going to be exciting, and go by fast.

This semester had its ups and downs but in the end it was a great experience. To start off, it was my first semester in the UNIX Systems Group instead of the Help Desk and that was a huge change. In addition, all of my classes were upper division and I took the dreaded writing class. While I struggled at times with classes I felt that I did well and am ready for whatever next semester can throw at me.

Enough about the boring stuff. I am headed down I a week and am thrilled. I am ready to spend some time with Jamie and to be in Southern California. To start off with, because I am in So. Cal so little, Jamie and I are going to do some location searching for the wedding. Did I mention I am going to see Jamie? And then from there, Nicholas and Felica graduate soon and then Jamie graduates right after that. It is an exciting to see all of them progressing.

Shortly after graduation Jamie will start into her Masters program. The coolest thing about it is that she will have her Masters before I have my Bachelors.

I am so ready for school to be over for the both us. I feel like we are both ready for the real world and are going to be able to kick it into gear once we graduate. The summers are always hard because we get to spend so much time together and then Fall comes and we are back to seeing each other every three or four weeks.

This summer is going to be a blast!

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