Back to School

April 5, 2006 7:53 pm - By: Jamie

It is back to school for me. One last quarter as an undergraduate, 10 more weeks, approximately 27 more lectures and then I will be able to officially say that I have graduated college.

Spring break started off slow. Chris had work everyday including the weekends until 5pm each night, Tuesday night he had class until 9pm and Thursday class until 6pm. Wednesday however, Chris took the day off and we headed up to see Blake and Vicki and Little Blake. It was enjoyable to drive in the car with Chris and talk about the wedding and visiting with family. It was nice to finally meet Aunt Vicki and to see what Chris was always talking about when he talked about Blake’s office and the house.

Thursday while Chris was in class I went out with one of our friends, Michelle. Michelle and I had a great time catching up with each others lives.

Friday we were supposed to head to Fresno so Chris could take pictures with the family; however, plans were cancelled because of the rain. Friday afternoon Craig and Karie brought Alex to us. It was a lot of fun hanging out with Alex. We went up to Lake Shaver Friday afternoon and took pictures of the beautiful snow. Friday night we had Michelle and her new boyfriend Kelly come over to the house for dinner. I truly enjoy time with friends and family.

Saturday morning Alex and Chris got up and went to work. I slept in and then headed to Stanislaus to kick up Nicholas. Once I picked up Nicholas he gave me a tour of Stanislaus. Stanislaus is a beautiful campus; I look forward to the future visits of Stanislaus once Nicholas is at the college.

After picking Nicholas we called and convinced Chris to take off work early so that we could go to Yosemite to see the snow and take some more pictures. There was a lot of snow in Yosemite and the boys enjoyed getting out and playing in the snow for a little bit. Nicholas took some really great pictures.

Late Saturday night Craig and Karie came and picked up the boys. I enjoyed have the boys up in Fresno because it gave me something to keep me busy while Chris was at work.

Sunday morning I got up around 5:45am and left for San Diego. I got back to San Diego in time to open the res-halls back up.

Now school is in full swing. I don’t feel that classes are going to be difficult this quarter, however, there is a lot of work to stay on top of.

On top of classes I have been super busy with teaching. I have basically taken over one period of intersession completely. I get to do everything, plan what I am going to teach, make work sheets, give quizzes, input grades in the computer, take attendance…On Friday I even get to give the students their final grades and make out their report cards. I know it does not seem like a big deal, but the newness of it all is exciting.

I thought I was going to be fine working in a school environment when it came time to getting sick but I was wrong. I thought that since I have been working with the students in the res-halls that my immunity would be built up. But I guess the middle school students that I am working with have different germs then the college students. Last night I woke up with a swore throat. After taking some Motrin and sucking on a cough drop I was good for a while until I started teaching today. I don’t know if I am getting sick because of my busy schedule this quarter or if it is a matter of my throat being swore because I am using it more than usual.

Okay well I am going to go and talk to Christopher and work on my lesson for tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures that we took in Shaver Lake and Yosemite.


By: Alexander Webber - April 22, 2006, 2:34 pm

Really cool jamie. i hope you do great as a teacher

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