Christmas Break

January 7, 2006 11:41 pm - By: Jamie

Many adventures have taken place this holiday season. Christopher and my Christmas together began with Christopherís fraternity party. The Christmas party was a lot of fun. For dinner we went to a tepenakai restaurant, a place where they serve your meal in front of you. I loved seeing all the guys from the fraternity and proving to Chris that I can eat a whole bowl of rice with chopsticks. After dinner we all went to Nidoís house where the boys exchanged gifts and took pictures.

Also while in Fresno, Chris and I continued a tradition that we started last year. In Fresno there is this place called Christmas Tree Lane. Over 70 years ago Christmas Tree Lane started with the decorating of one tree because of the death of a young child. The traditions of decorating has continued and grown to over a mile of housed decorated in Christmas decorations. The fog was in full swing when we drove down Christmas tree lane this year, but we still got some good pictures. Hopefully this is a tradition that we keep for years to come.

Justin and Sarah were in a play we went and saw before leaving. Much like Christopher they were part of the tech crew and not actually performing. It was an amazing performance with all sorts of different singers and even some tap dancing. All and all it was a great production.

When we got back to Lake Elsinore Christmas was only a week away and we still had much shopping to get accomplished. Between Chris working at the Apple Store in Mission Viejo that he worked at last summer and me studying to take my GRE we managed to get all our shopping done. In addition to shopping we also spent time with Kristin. I finally got to meet Kristinís boyfriend. He is a lot of fun and he knows how to keep Kristin in line and give her just as hard of a time as she gives him.

As part of each of our parents Christmas gifts this year we went to parts and took pictures of the kids. One day I took Chris, Nicholas and Alex to a park and took their pictures. I always enjoy taking pictures. Eventually I want to take some photography classes and learn some new techniques. On another day Christopher took me, Ryan and Felicia to a different park and took pictures of us. Me, Ryan and Felicia have not taken pictures together in many years. It was nice to get some good shots of the three of us and some good individual shots also.

Also this Christmas season I got to build my first gingerbread house. Before Christmas the three boys and I went over to Heidiís house for dinner and to hang out with her cousin Kimberly and her daughter, Karen. After dinner we attempted to build a gingerbread house. Lets just say that building a gingerbread house is not the easiest thing in the word to do. We had a hard time getting the walls to stay up, but with the help of lots of frosting we succeeded.

One day while Chris was working Alex and I spent the day at Disneyland. I had a lot of fun hanging out with Alex. I got to do a lot of the things that Chris does not like to do, mostly watching parades. I got to see the electrical light parade for the first time in probably over 15 years. While Alex and I were in California Adventure we went on the new Monsters Inc. Ride. I also took lots of pictures of Alex, he is such a ham, soaking up all the pictures.

On Christmas morning Chris and I each spend the morning opening up presents at our parentsí houses. When Chris was done opening gifts he came over to my house and opened some presents. After cleaning up all the gifts at my house we headed back over to Christopherís house. Later that afternoon my parents came over to Chrisí house for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa Bash, Zack, Mark, Danielle, and Marilyn also came over for dinner. It was a nice relaxing Christmas with family.

The week after Christmas I got to send time with friends. Again Chris and I hung out with Kristin and Tim. Jessica, Brent and Tim also came over to the house and we hung out like old times and watched a movie with each other. I really missed hanging out with the old group. It was good to be together again. Also during the vacation I got to see Jon, he came home from Florida for Christmas.

Friday after Christmas my family and Chris went up to Lancaster. We got to see Grandma Carla and Grandma Nesbitt and Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob. I really enjoy watching Chris interact with my family. He gets along with everyone well. While in Lancaster we also went by the cemetery and visited Grandpa, Christopher, Great Grandma and Uncle Fred.

New Years Eve was quickly upon us. Last year Chris and I went to Disneyland. Because Mom and Dad had their Disney passes we decided to go to Disneyland again this year. I was a little disappointed that Mickey did not come out ever 15 minutes to keep us entertained. But it seemed like Mom and Dad had a really good time and that is all that counts. Plus who can resist ringing in the new year with Mickey and friends.

Now we are finally back in La Jolla. It has been a long Christmas break. Chris has one more week before he is heading back to Fresno. Classes start up on Monday for me. Today we rearranged my room and I am getting everything in order for next quarter. The web-site is something I wanted to accomplish before starting classes. We would have updated as events happened over the break but there is a problem with Comcast and getting to the internet while we are in Lake Elsionre

Lots of pictures were taken during the break. There are pictures from the KGB Christmas Party, Christmas Tree Lane, Decorating the Gingerbread house, the boys pictures at the park, McCain kids pictures at the park, and the trip to Lancaster.

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