Skiing at Snow Summit

January 5, 2006 2:17 am - By: Jamie

Today Heidi took Christopher, Nicholas and me skiing at Snow Summit. I was apprehensive about the trip because I have only had one other skiing experience. Letís just say the people I went with did not realize that they were taking me to a black diamond slope when we got on the lift. I tried my best and attempted to ski that day. I realized that I was not a bad skier, I just could not stop to save my life. After many failed attempts and some hard falls I spend the rest of that day sliding down the hill on my butt.

Today was a much more enjoyable experience. Heidi was very patient and encourage with me and she ended up teaching me how to stop! When I first got off the lift I had a hard time getting off the chair, then my first attempt to ski I did the same thing that I did on my first experience skiing: got some speed, could not stop, crashed hard. I was thinking why did I allow myself to get into this situation again? But Heidi and Chris were there to help me up and showed me a few pointers. I was able to make it down the green (easy) part of the hill relatively okay with a fall here and there.

After our first run we immediately got back on the lift again and headed back up the hill. This time we stopped for lunch and tried a new run. The run was supposed to be a green and blue run. Sadly, the green part was closed. We did not know that it was closed until it was too late to choose another run. At first I attempted to skill the hill and was doing okay. Then I got to a steeper hill that did not look so friendly. Heidi convinced me that it would be okay and encouraged me to continue. It took me three falls to get half way down the hill, when I could not get my boots back in my skis I walked the rest of the way to a level area. I continued a short while longer and then got to a hill that was even steeper than the first one I got too. At this point I took off my skis and slid down the hill the rest of the way. The best part was at one point I was going so fast down the hill that I turned on my stomach and torpedoed to the end.

All in all the day was a lot of fun. Chris finally got his wish and got me to go skiing with him after my first bad experience. Plus the best part of the trip was the fact that I would actually be willing to go skiing again after today; even though almost ever part of my body hurts right now.

Afterwards we came back to Heidiís place and soaked in the spa. It was a relief on our bodies.

Here are some pictures that Heidi took while we were at Snow Summit. Donít laugh too hard at the pictures of all my falls!


By: Tim - March 7, 2006, 9:13 pm

MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE?!?! i am NO longer your friend - but i should still be invited to your wedding!

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