November 15, 2005 10:47 pm - By: Chris

Yosemite was a blast! I havenít decided what made it better, the fact that Jamie was there or the fact that it was, well, Yosemite. A big thanks goes out to Mike Garvey, a co-worker, who encouraged me to make the adventure up to Yosemite. Let me just say wow. It was so much fun to get up there and, gasp, without technology. For those of you familiar with Yosemite we went the 41 and into the park stopping at Bridlevail Falls. We then continued on deeper into Yosemite Valley.

We took pictures here and there, but mainly taking in the sights. I have decided that I will never go to Yosemite again without packing a lunch. The only place we lacked was food. Ultimately we ended up getting the yearly pass. What a great investment. Justin and I are going to make the trip up this coming weekend. There was just sooooo much to see. I cant wait until we all go back in December to see the snow, and on top of that a daily lift ticket is $20 bucks in January. Can anyone say skiing?

Overall it is one of our funest adventures and we plan to make it a more often adventure when she comes up.

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