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October 9, 2005 7:36 pm - By: Jamie

Chris and I have been envisioning our website for many months now. It is finally at a point that we are willing to share it with others. Now that most of the layout of the design is complete I am working on building up the content. I have a lot to add to get everything up to date on what will be our two year realtionship on October 24,2005. Not to mention some pictures of prom and both of our graduations. I am very excited, this site is very quickly becoming a history of our relationship. I look forward to the many more years of our careers, wedding plans, and wedding, babies, houses and much more. For now we will not push things too fast. Christopher needs to complete his degree in Business with a concentratoin on Information systems at Fresno State and I need to complete my General Biology major TEP minor degree at UCSD and then get into graduate school and complete my masters in education before getting married. For right now we are looking forward to celebrating Craig and Karie's wedding, which we will have picture up of soon. After Craig and Karie's wedding we will be enjoying the holidays followed by the graduatoin of Felicia, Nicholas and me. That is right, we will be having a very busy June with three graduations in the family. Well that is it for now, I am going to get back to doing what it takes to get through college. I will be writing again soon. PS I will encourage Chris to write more also!

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